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Plexus Altitude offers a real time solution for the integration into one common open database of the data and information that exists in the numerous IT Systems, Building Management Systems (BMS) and other controller devices that comprise a typical data centre estate:

  • Data cabinet and data hall information

  • Fiscal and sub-meter energy information

  • BMS data integration

  • Capture and report CRC compliance data

Altitude software presents this information and data through a web browser for a variety of uses that are important for effective data centre condition monitoring and energy management:

Intelligent Device Reporting – The Altitude Server graphical user interface delivers key management information for temperature, humidity, water and heat mapping applications, on an exception or event driven basis, as appropriate.

Centralisation of AlarmsAltitude Alarm Manager pulls critical alarms from field devices or controllers across multiple sites. These are centralised in the condition monitoring and energy management bureau where they are displayed and notified through the centralised alarm console. Critical alarms are automatically escalated if not cleared within a defined period of time.

Energy MeteringAltitude Energy integrates directly with fiscal meters and sub-meters, receives meter data from third party suppliers or extracts meter data from third party systems such as a BMS. Meter data can then be aggregated or virtual, calculated, meters created. Data from the meters can also be converted in real time into other metrics, such as CO2 emitted or kWh per server or floor space unit.


Intelligent Energy & Monitoring Altitude Reporter delivers event and / or exception based reports on energy or performance in real time. This includes dynamic Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) reports and other energy based reports. Altitude also acts as a central, verified, repository of all data required for CRC reporting and compliance.

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